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Lost in the screams of the fading sky,

Did u even listen to the melancholy passer-byes?,

Each soul has its own pain, its own sorrow,

Maybe u could just share some and borrow,

Share some love, and disintegrate your pain,

Because life was and will never be a statement of loss and gain,

Hold hands, don’t walk alone,

And you’ll see the devil will run away, and fear will become unknown.

After all, its during Crisis, defines who we really are,

Just because the world above you is red today,

Doesn’t mean that your sufferings will run too far.

Who knows, its his way of demonstrating start of a new life,

Savour these moments, no matter how they are,

Because after every Sunset there definitely will be a Sunrise.


Travel Diaries


-Travel Diaries-

Random Conversations With People

It was during 2011 summer my family decided to explore the secrets of the land of serenity and a place which offers tranquility and vivid images of God’s own house – Ladakh. I was always a wanderer. Going places, meeting people made me feel alive. Little did I know that this journey would change my perception towards life.

Ladakh is a scintillating place for someone who has lived in the shadows of a metropolitan. A place with mighty and salient mountains that urges you to be in awe of its magnificence. While steering through one of the picturesque roads I asked our chauffeur, “How do u exist in such a bitterly cold temperature?” I was freezing to death even when it was summer and I had this thick woolen jacket on. “We are born this way sir.” He said. “We embrace cold as if it is a part of our existence. We go to battles every day. Win them. Show life that no matter how much hurdles are put in front of us we still have the guts to jump over them.” I felt weak. His words tingled in my ears.

“So what u do for a living? Drive everyday?” I enquired. “Yes sir, but not for whole year. Its during this season, because of u travelers, we get to drive. During winters it’s hard to leave from our homes. Snow flurries everywhere. And we have to sit besides campfire to keep ourselves warm.” I was listening carefully to each and every word of his. The way he spoke inspired me someway. I wondered did all people of this city speak this way. “ So we grow everything at this time of year and store it for the winters.” “What if in a particular season u don’t have enough vegetables to have? Does it happen?” I asked out of curiosity. “Then we eat Setu.” Before I could ask anything out of surprise, he said “Its what we call when u mix Rice in water. We have it during such conditions.” I was taken aback by his statements. Adrift in the stream of his words, the flimsy contraption of my perception lurched awfully, and I was exposed to the vagaries of my thoughts. All my life I had been so melodramatic and insensitive. Never cared about the society and even my near ones. And this man tells me his way of life, his pains and sorrows, and the way he emerges victorious.

“Do u have any children uncle?” suddenly my blunt questions were turning into queries of admiration. “Yes I have a son, 7 years old.” He said. I met him the next day. He was really a cute child. His cheeks as red as a ripe tomato, thanks to the icy conditions of the place, made him look all the more adorable. He wanted to become a doctor he said and help all the people of his town who have to face the adversities of winters. And I was very perplexed at this statement of his, a child less than half of my age was so determined to change things and make a contribution to his society. And here I was, someone who least cared about the things around me.

That day I fell on the broken pane of my own reflection, and realized that stumbles falls don’t matter. All u have to do is rise up, conquer your fears,move ahead in life and contribute something back.

Rays Of Hope


-Rays Of Hope-

“I am all alone. Floating in the depths of Darkness,valleys of Fear,along the Edges of my broken Dreams.” He said. “Why in the world did I have to face this? The Pain, the Loneliness, the Silence is tearing me apart everyday.”

“Its not about How Weak You Are..” said a Voice suddenly, “but to what Lengths you are Strong. You are Tested and Scrapped and Burned everyday just like a Diamond, which initially undergoes excruciating transformation to achieve its ultimate Shine. Every person carries around with their own Worries, Pain, Thoughts and a Dark Side.Its you who can change and choose to follow the Better Half of it…”

“Why don’t you get it? Life is Full of Bright and Dark patches. During your Darkest Hour you just need to find a Single Ray of Light/Hope which you have Buried Deep within you, for this light, this Happiness is enough to Destroy the Devil inside you.”

“Who are you?” he surprisingly questioned.

“I am your Light, your Ray of Hope, your Happiest Part, I rest within you and I’ll Never Let you Die.”

Broken Dreams


~Broken Dreams~

She had always been a dreamer, yet living someone else’s dream. Like a lonely bird who has entirety of the sky, yet no courage to fly.

She wants to Dance beneath the stary skies, feel the chill in the warmth of sunrise, wander on the roads never taken, she is all healed yet her dreams are all broken.She craves to float with winds so high and paint a whole new world in her glittery eyes.

But she stands in a cobweb of expectations, mirrors of fake reflection, full of hopes yet the tiniest of satisfaction. In midst of her life which is no longer hers.

‘Sometimes fear of failures is greater than craving for success’, she says.

Blue Sky

“Why do you love the Blue Sky so much?”
She asked him looking deeply in his glittery eyes as if she was talking to his soul. “Because it reminds me of you” He said, seeing the surprise on her face he continued, “You see those birds over there, the Blue Sky means the world to them, no matter how cloudy, rainy it gets, they are certain that eventually it will return to its peaceful,sweet blue gentleness, the same way, I’m certain that if ever I’m consumed by pain,chaos,hatred you’ll be there, like an angel to turn me back into the person I am. You are my beautiful Sky,with deeper shades of Blue, for me u are Everywhere..My life is In and With the Skies”.