Broken Dreams


~Broken Dreams~

She had always been a dreamer, yet living someone else’s dream. Like a lonely bird who has entirety of the sky, yet no courage to fly.

She wants to Dance beneath the stary skies, feel the chill in the warmth of sunrise, wander on the roads never taken, she is all healed yet her dreams are all broken.She craves to float with winds so high and paint a whole new world in her glittery eyes.

But she stands in a cobweb of expectations, mirrors of fake reflection, full of hopes yet the tiniest of satisfaction. In midst of her life which is no longer hers.

‘Sometimes fear of failures is greater than craving for success’, she says.


Blue Sky

“Why do you love the Blue Sky so much?”
She asked him looking deeply in his glittery eyes as if she was talking to his soul. “Because it reminds me of you” He said, seeing the surprise on her face he continued, “You see those birds over there, the Blue Sky means the world to them, no matter how cloudy, rainy it gets, they are certain that eventually it will return to its peaceful,sweet blue gentleness, the same way, I’m certain that if ever I’m consumed by pain,chaos,hatred you’ll be there, like an angel to turn me back into the person I am. You are my beautiful Sky,with deeper shades of Blue, for me u are Everywhere..My life is In and With the Skies”.