Rays Of Hope


-Rays Of Hope-

“I am all alone. Floating in the depths of Darkness,valleys of Fear,along the Edges of my broken Dreams.” He said. “Why in the world did I have to face this? The Pain, the Loneliness, the Silence is tearing me apart everyday.”

“Its not about How Weak You Are..” said a Voice suddenly, “but to what Lengths you are Strong. You are Tested and Scrapped and Burned everyday just like a Diamond, which initially undergoes excruciating transformation to achieve its ultimate Shine. Every person carries around with their own Worries, Pain, Thoughts and a Dark Side.Its you who can change and choose to follow the Better Half of it…”

“Why don’t you get it? Life is Full of Bright and Dark patches. During your Darkest Hour you just need to find a Single Ray of Light/Hope which you have Buried Deep within you, for this light, this Happiness is enough to Destroy the Devil inside you.”

“Who are you?” he surprisingly questioned.

“I am your Light, your Ray of Hope, your Happiest Part, I rest within you and I’ll Never Let you Die.”


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